LGBTQ+ Formal for Disadvantaged Teens in Enmore NSW

Cheering_Students_(3638664077)GQA has received this message from Madeline Kenney, a member of the Rainbow Kids facebook group who is working on a LGBTQ+ formal in Enmore, NSW.

Hi. My name is Madeline Kenny and I am currently running a campaign to fund a formal for disabled (and abled) teens in the LGBTQ+ community who have been disallowed by their schools to not attend their formals.

You can help out by donating at the gofundme page:

It sounds a lot like what Minus18 did recently in Melbourne; they doubled their budget after being threatened by a conservative Facebook group.

And also, a signal boost/shout out would be most appreciated:

We are trying to raise more media coverage as this is a dream for so many of the teens in our group and we really believe we will benefit from coverage in your involvement.
This is an amazing opportunity to portray the young queer community accurately and not misrepresenting young LGBTQ+ teens.


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