LGBTIQA Elders Australia

There is a relatively newly formed Facebook group called ‘LGBTIQA Elders Australia’. Created on June 7th 2019 they are building slowly as our Elders across #Australia begin to engage with Social Media and online technology.

This is a wonderful opportunity to assist in providing a platform where LGBTIQA+ Elders and their wonderful Allies can come together. Membership for Elders begins at 45+ as community members have expressed their wish to be regarded as Emerging into a new phase in their lives.

LGBTIQA Elders Australia is a private Facebook group with just over 100 members from across Australia. They are adopting a gentle approach in introducing our members to online technology.

Allies of all ages are welcome to support their loved ones and extended families within the group. Naturally the group welcomes Elders from across #Australia.

To find out more and/or join the group please visit the LGBTIQA Elders Australia Facebook group

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