LGBTIQ+ Health & Wellbeing Survey 2021

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Let’s improve LGBTIQ+ health and well-being. Weather you’re LGBTIQA+ identifying or an ally, we want to hear from you! We rely on data from you to inform us on the needs of our communities and to help improve health and wellbeing services for LGBTIQA+ peoples.

Your answers to these questions will be anonymous, meaning your name/identity will not be associated with your responses. Your anonymous answers will be used for research and knowledge sharing purposes by drummond street services including publically available publications of summarised data. The questions help gather information about the needs of our communities. This helps us determine what the LGBTIQ+ communities look like.  The information then will be used to assist in planning and delivery of appropriate and improved healthcare services and analysis of results will be shared with organisations for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of LGBTIQ+ people and non-LGBTIQ+ Australians.

To complete the survey and/or to find out more visit HERE.

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