LGBTI Palliative Care

The LGBTI Health Alliance is undertaking a new National Palliative Care project that will commence in July 2020 that will run over the course of the next 3 years.  The project will build the capacity of the palliative care sector to provide appropriate services to LGBTI people and increase knowledge and awareness of palliative care within LGBTI communities. These two strategies will improve the quality of, and access to, palliative care services by LGBTI people.

The Alliance is determined to further support the health workforces, carers, community and specialists to provide meaningful, specific and culturully appropriate palliative care for LGBTI communities. 

Currently the following key project roles are being advertised, including a Palliative Care Officer, a Palliative Care Coordinator, and an Ageing and Aged Care Coordinator (Silver Rainbow). Applications are due on 15 June 2020, please see here for more

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