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The Rainbow Network presents this free training aimed at LGBTI support staff to assist providing inclusive advice, environments, and services to young people with intersex variations. Informed by current statistical data and contextualised by intersex lived experience, the session will cover a range of topics including:

o Intersex bodily variations
o Bodies, sexuality and gender identity
o Intersectionality of intersex issues and identities
o Inclusive language
o Affirmative healthcare
o Family issues
o Experiences and impacts of isolation, stigma and discrimination
o Human Rights: Considerations and developments
o Service access and inclusive practice
o Finding the hiding?

The training will be presented by Bonnie Hart, an intersex woman, intersex advocate, educator, and the President of the AIS Support Group Australia (AISSGA) where she supports families and adults with a large variety of intersex variations navigate social and medical issues associated with their diversity. 

The training will be from 1:30-4:30pm Wednesday April 10.

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