Lets talk about Thorne Harbour Country

The Regional Victoria LGBTIQ Local Drug Action Team, led by Thorne Harbour Country, are making strides in helping to prevent and reduce harms from alcohol and other drugs (AOD) within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) community.

The LDAT has used the funding from their Community Action Plan to create a suite of video resources called Let’s Talk About It which address the use of AOD and provide alternatives for how people can engage with their community without relying on substance use and partying.

Check out the campaign here

Watch the video and read the story to find out how this Local Drug Action Team created a safe space and communicated a powerful message to their rural queer community. We have also included a link to the original campaign videos, straight from Thorne Harbour Country.

From this page you can also find a link to our new LGBTQI Resource. The resource aims to educate and inform our Local Drug Action Teams about key considerations when working with LGBTQI communities, including information about LGBTQI communities, substance use and strategies for increasing inclusivity of queer people within community groups.

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