Launch Housing Intensive Case Management Initiative Vacancies

Launch housing Intensive Case Management Initiative (ICMI) program currently has 4 vacancies.

ICMI is a program providing intensive support to young women and those identifying as a women aged 16 – 25 years, who have 6-9 presenting issues which can including housing, exposure to and effects of violence, money management, health and self-care, accessing appropriate supports, access to social supports, behaviour which is challenging to others, personal safety and wellbeing, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, disability issues etc. We can support young women for up to 9 months who are located 1 hour from Melbourne CBD. Please note we do not do housing support however we can make appropriate referrals in this area. Eligibility: All client’s must be assessed as high needs, with multiple and complex support issues.

If you have any young women in need of ICMI please email an Initial Assessment & Planning form (see attached) either to Jan Groves, or Michelle Magoffin

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Jan or Michelle on 9525 8499.

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