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Lockdown is over, now is the time to do all the things you’ve been wanting to do, to try all the things you’ve wanted to try and to learn new things you never imagined you would!

Kingston City Rollers are here to help make 2021 YOUR year to shine!!
At Kingston City Rollers we are an all-inclusive all-gender roller derby league, offering opportunities for EVERYONE to be involved in roller derby.
It takes a village and everyone has an important part to play. *Must be 18 years of age or over.

We know what you’re thinking …
– What is it all about?
– What do I need, gear-wise to make it happen?
– Am I fit enough?
– Will I be able to skate?
– You want to know how to get involved but without skating?
– Is it as intimidating as it looks?
– Is it really like the movie Whip It?

Here’s how it goes…

Kingston City Rollers is offering a three-step process into roller derby.

Step 1: LEARN – You will hear from different members, as they take
you through the start of your roller derby journey and talk about the
above questions and more.
– the KCR family
– roller derby 101
– rookies program – your progression plan
– basics of skate equipment
– insurance
– membership fees

Step 2: TRY – If you are interested in skating, you will have the opportunity to give it a go during a ONE MONTH FREE trial period.

The Kingston City Rollers have all your gear for use during this time. You only need your own mouthguard. When you’ve decided that roller derby is for you, they can help you with gear choices and where to buy etc

Step 3: JOIN – Join Kingston City Rollers after your ONE MONTH FREE trial period, where you will further develop your skills & your knowledge and begin to work towards playing the game of roller derby. You won’t look back.

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