Job: Trans 101 Video Project

YGENDER are looking for someone to work with a group of trans and gender diverse young people on their latest project.

The Project 
Six videos, approximately 4-5 minutes each, about the experiences of trans and gender diverse young people and the issues we face. The scripts have been written by a group of trans youth, and trans young people from Ygender and Minus18 are ready to present in the videos. We’re looking to commission someone to finish the filming and editing.

Video topics:
1. The basics: definitions, terminology, etc.
2. Being a Friend: being supportive, not misgendering people, not outing people, etc.
3. Being an Ally: standing up against transphobia, creating inclusive spaces, listening to trans voices, etc.
4. Relationships: dating, sex, and sexuality as a trans person
5. Neurodiversity: how being trans/gender diverse intersects with being neurodivergent
6. People of colour: how being trans/gender diverse interacts with being a person of colour

Who is involved?
This is a joint project between Ygender and the trans crew at Minus18, and funded by a generous grant from the Merlyn Myer Fund. Ygender is a support and advocacy organisation for trans and gender diverse youth, and Minus18 is an organisation for LGBTIQA+ young people.

To apply, click here. Applications close on the 25th, successful applicants will be contacted by the 26th of Jan, and interviews will take place on the 30th or 31st of Jan.

If you have any questions, email

Trans/gender diverse people, disabled people, and people of colour are strongly encouraged to apply, and people from these groups will receive an additional 10 points in the application process.

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