It’s all so casual (EDIT: Apology made)


Karl has apologised on national TV. It’s interesting that we found this on the UK based Independent, rather than local based news sites

Watch the apology via The Independent.

But fair’s fair, it’s great he’s stepped up and accepted what he said wasn’t great.


So where’s the line that sits between good-natured, unintentionally offensive banter and slur?

Karl Stefanovic on Channel 9’s Today Show seems to intend to find out.

In the video, he makes reference to an attack on a Channel 9 crew at the Rio Olympics. Back in the long gone halcyon days of Benny Hill and Kingswood Country, his commentary would have had them rolling in the aisles.

But these days, can you really get away with this shit?

So you be the judge: is this just a case of “whoops, Apocalypse”, or should the community make pointed suggestions about editorial quality?

Or are there more important things to worry about?

Have your say! :D

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