Invitation for research participants

Eishi is a student undertaking an honours research project this year at the Monash Department of General Practice. They are aiming to formulate recommendations to improve primary healthcare for trans and gender diverse people. To do this, they will compile trans and gender diverse experiences of primary healthcare, through a series of interviews with TGD people and with general practitioners. More information regarding the project can be found in the explanatory statements attached to this page.

They are looking to advertise three types of participation:

  1. A community advisory group (3-4 TGD community members)
  2. Pilot interviewees (2-3 TGD participants, 1-2 GPs)
  3. Content interviewees (10 TGD participants, 10 GPs)
  4. Community advisory group: A TGD community advisory group will be organised to overview the project outline and inform the interview question schedule, to ensure that this project is relevant, beneficial and appropriate from a TGD perspective. The advisory group will consist of 3-4 TGD community members, and will meet for up to an hour via an online video call. Further meetings may be organised if required or suggested.
  5. Pilot interviews: 2-3 pilot interviews with TGD clients and 1-2 pilot interviews with GPs, which will provide feedback to further improve the interview structure and questions.
  6. Content interviews: Finally, they will complete 10 content interviews with TGD clients and 10 with GPs.

TGD participants will be reimbursed with $50 Coles gift cards for up to 60 minutes of time used. This reimbursement also applies for the community advisory group (including repeat payments for any subsequent meetings after the first).

Participants must be 18 years old or over and living in Victoria currently. They would love to talk to people of various ages, identities and backgrounds.

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