Here at Genderqueer Australia we cross paths with many of you who are a member of a Non-Binary and Transgender community. Today I want to introduce you to the adorable TheySigner Andy.

Hello everyone, I’m Andy (they/them), your friendly and slightly delusional Product TheySigner, or, as some like to call it, a UX/UI Designer. I have a background in human resources and customer service, I’ve perfected the art of listening to professionals’ needs providing them with unique technological solutions and business connections. I also have a sordid past as a self-taught graphic designer that I put behind me once I became a certified Product TheySigner. Now I help companies transform their ideas into stunning websites and apps by understanding their users’ pain points and emotional needs.
In other words, I overthink things and doodle sophisticated boxes on my computer all day long.

Since January 2022, I’ve started building a freelance career but I feel like the Universe has a bone to pick with me, maybe from a past life when I was an orange cat knocking stars off the cosmic table with my cute little paws, because I have been facing more challenges than Paris Hilton attempting to
cook vegan burgers with a bedazzled spatula.

I have been living with Covid-induced agoraphobia for the past three years and a half, which led to being laid off by my previous employer and deciding to finally graduate as a designer. It’s been hard but I’m doing better now. However, this problem still prevents me from applying to any in-office job which is what most corporations are demanding nowadays. Hence, the pivot to freelancing.

The reason I’m here is because I need your generous help! I haven’t found a single client in eight months, definitely not for lack of trying, and things are starting to look bad. You can help me by hiring me or sharing my story with people who might need a designer.

So, go and take a look at Andy’s website!

Thank you so much for reading, stay cute, stay pixelated – Andy

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