Illegal Love ABC Storytelling Project

142767The project is called “Illegal love” and it’s about collecting stories of queer life in the shadow of the criminalisation of homosexuality until 1980 in Victoria. The project is being done in partnership with the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, with the stories being collected in the lead up to the State Government apology on May 24.

ABC would like to hear the stories of life in Victoria for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex people under the shadow of these laws, before 1980, in both Melbourne and regional Victoria.

It involves writing 300 – 600 words describing life at the time, or focusing on a particular experience.

Mark this important milestone in human rights – share your story on the ABC.

The due date for stories is 23 May, 2016. Read some example stories here:

Your story will be published in a collection on the ABC Open website and if you agree, they may record your story for radio.

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