“I Said It Out Loud” – ACON’s National Healthy Relationships Campaign

Are you confident on camera and want to make a difference?

Express your interest to be part of I Said It Out Loud” – ACON’s National Healthy Relationships Campaign.


ACON are reviewing applications on an ongoing basis – so please apply as soon as you can.


ACON is building a national health campaign called I Said It Out Loud”, to promote and role-model healthy LGBTQ+ relationships. In doing so, we want to challenge the attitudes and social conditions that can lead to harm in our communities. This approach is known as primary prevention and aims to stop domestic violence before it starts.

I Said It Out Loud” will offer two campaigns, launched alongside LGBTQ+ partner organisations across Australia. One in late 2021 and the other in early 2022. The first is called At the Front Door, the second is a video series called Our Relationships.

As part of ACON’s Say It Out Loud project, the campaigns will build awareness and support for LGBTQ+ people and relationships, our allies, and professionals.

Visit sayitoutloud.org.au

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