GQA Library open for business!

Genderqueer Australia Library

Books now available to reserve and borrow!

We’ve been hard at work on the Library system here at Genderqueer Australia, and now it’s complete we can let you all have a go!

Yes, we don’t have many books at present, but they’ll slowly increase in time!

Books can be reserved using the system and picked-up (for a deposit of $1 per book) at our monthly coffee gatherings. You can even request books to purchase – we’ll keep a track of what you think would be good to have, and get them as funds permit.

So, get along and see if there’s anything you want to borrow 😀

We’ve also taken the liberty of linking to two other Libraries we know of that operate in Victoria: the Seahorse and Ygender libraries.

Keep your eyes peeled for new additions which will be advertised through Facebook and Twitter 😀