Genderqueer sexual orientation

Sexuality_confusion_crossedThere’s a problem of sexual terminology which slaps Genderqueer people in the face on a regular basis. In short, are current terms around sexuality valid for genderqueer people? Homosexual describes two people of the same sex being in a sexual relationship. But if you’re genderqueer, you’re not the same sex as anyone else; you’re neither male or female or outside that binary.

It’s Pronounced Metrosexual have published an article on genderqueer sexual orientation, which makes the point — and it’s one that should be obvious — that what’s between one’s legs doesn’t determine who you’re attracted to.

We understand that sexual orientation and gender are separate concepts. This is something that is relatively easily understood within the contexts of cisgender identities. But how does sexual orientation “work” for genderqueer or trans-identified peeps?

It’s a great place to start thinking about terminology and whether it applies to you.

Read more on the website.

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