Gender Identity Registration And Human Rights Effects


Nina Bresser works as a research assistant in the Gender Studies program at the University of Utrecht. In conjunction with researchers at the Law School, they are currently working on an exciting new international project called GIRARE: Gender Identity Registration And Human Rights Effects. Initiated and carried out by Dr. Christine Quinan and Dr. Marjolein van den Brink, GIRARE is a joint project between Gender Studies and the Utrecht Law School. Their main aim is to investigate how sex registration policies may impact people’s lives worldwide, as well as to see which future possibilities might be desirable for sex and gender registration, including the introduction of additional options such as X, third gender and undetermined.

GIRARE are currently in the early stages of their research and are interested in finding out what the larger public might think about sex and gender registration and possible future directions. To this purpose they have carefully composed an exploratory survey on this subject. Although everyone’s opinion and input is of great value to them, they are particularly interested in research participants from within the trans*, queer and intersex community, as they believe such populations are most impacted by sex and gender registration policies. In addition, GIRARE’s own theoretical and practical approach is greatly informed by feminist, trans* and queer perspectives.

GIRARE’s  survey can be found at

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