Futures Free From Violence

Futures Free From Violence is a pilot initiative offering a 17 week group program for queer, bisexual, lesbian women (trans inclusive) beginning on Tuesday 19th February, 6.00pm-8.00pm, and for trans and/or gender diverse people on Wednesday 20th February, 1.00-3.00pm. The first two sessions are dedicated to participants informing the design and delivery of the program.

Futures Free From Violence also offers therapy and individual support, designed to provide support in making transformative changes away from harmful behaviours and toward respectful relationships. Futures Free From Violence offers a supportive environment where participants can explore power and control in relationships and the impacts these behaviours have. We aim to facilitate dialogue through an open, supportive learning environment that understands participants, their experiences, and their thinking. Where appropriate and with consent, we will also offer support to those who have been harmed. This could include partners, past partners, family and children.

Please see the flyers attached for more information.

Futures Free From Violence is trans inclusive.

If this program interests you or you have a client to refer, either phone drummond street services on 9663 6733, or email annelise.ahfat@ds.org.au or jill.faulkner@ds.org.au

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