Employment Help for Transgender People (VIC)

Employment help for transgender people, developed and delivered by transgender people on 23rd and 25th March 2021.

A lot of transgender Victorians struggle to maintain stable and consistent work. Transgender Victoria is partnering with Australia’s first LGBTIQA+-specific employment program, Expression Australia, to deliver a seminar specifically aimed at helping transgender people find employment. 

At the TGD Job-Ready Seminars, Keira Leike and Natalie Moss – employment experts who are also part of the TGD community – will offer guidance on how to effectively search and apply for work opportunities. Facilitators Keira and Natalie will address employment related questions with a specific focus on challenges faced by trans and gender diverse people This is also an opportunity to learn about free services that are available to assist you in career-building and job-hunting, and channels for self-referrals.

To find out more and to register visit https://tgv.org.au/post/job-ready-seminars

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