Crafternoon- Queer and Polyamorous Victorians (AEST)

An online afternoon of craft related socialising.

For: Victorians who are Queer/ LGBTIQA+ and/or Polyamorous and/or accepting of all of the above. You don’t have to be queer and polyamorous to attend, you do need to be accepting of all. Victoria, Australia to be super clear.

Cost: free tickets available for anyone who needs them but there are also a variety of priced tickets for those who can contribute to make the running of this and future events sustainable.

How: This will run via Zoom. Ensure your zoom is updated to version 5.3 or higher.

Whether you want to chat while you knit or craft, or maybe you want to show off one of your projects or find inspiration in others crafts. There will be multiple breakout rooms set up to allow for different ways to socialise. You can move about the rooms as you want.

When: Sunday 12th September FROM 14:00 UTC+10-18:00 UTC+10. Running for 4hrs, join anytime during that 4hrs. But book beforehand-see below. Booking: Whilst you can join anytime during the 4hrs, you do need to book a ticket before the start of the event. The bookings are set to close at 1:30pm on the day. The reason that I close the bookings before the event is so that I can give all my attention to the event. Book here:

Who is running this event?
My name is Cassie (she/her) and I live in Melbourne. I am a white, cis woman who is bisexual, polyamorous, able bodied, with depression and anxiety.

Why am I running this event?
I love connecting people and building community. I love crafting and this event developed after someone’s in person crafternoon was cancelled due to the most recent lockdown. These events develop and grow each time I run them, I am learning more each time.Feel free to message the page with any questions or feedback. I love and welcome feedback so I also created an anonymous feedback form

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