Campaign: Speaking Up Speaks Volumes

For LGBTIQA+ people then allies in north, west and central Melbourne.

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“Speaking up speaks volumes”

We are looking for community leaders and influencers to help us speak up for a more inclusive society. Our research shows that 49% of people in our region believe they live in an inclusive society, with 52% feeling supported by their local community. That is not enough. We want to reduce the barriers, so that everyone feels included.

We are looking for people to help – people who work with the local community on a daily and weekly basis – who have some level of influence, whether it is formal or informal. We would like to invite you to get behind our campaign that aims to reduce LGBTIQ discrimination and suicide rates in our region and help build an inclusive society that is safe and supportive for people who are LGBTIQ.

The campaign is about getting people who live and work in the north, west and central Melbourne suburbs to ‘speak up’ and show their support for people in our LGBTIQ+ community. This campaign will:
• highlight the difference between being a ‘silent supporter’ and ‘speaking up’
• provide information for our wider community about what to say and how to avoid unintended discrimination
• provide an online platform that allows people to have a voice and show support

But most importantly this campaign relies on the support and backing of the local community influencers, including faith leaders, multicultural leaders, teachers, doctors, first responders, sports coaches/players. I ask if you know of anyone in your community that would be interested in actively support our campaign as a community influencer to forward them this information. Or as an Ally to the community yourself and you are one of the noted community influencers it would be great to have you involved.

What are we looking for?
We ask that you or someone you know lend their voice to support and change the lives of our LGBTIQ friends, families, neighbours, club members, students, employees. The more we speak up, the more everyone can see what it means to show support. This can be done by speaking up, being supportive, showing yourself as an ally, or by calling it out. You can help to spread the campaign message by:
• sharing the hashtag #Speakingupspeaksvolumes,
• promoting the website,
• or you may have other ways to show your support to your community.

To find out more about how the campaign will work and what our local leaders like you can do (See below).

There are many different ways to get involved and we will get back in touch with those who are interested early in 2021 when we are ready to activate the campaign. Lived Experience Voice The Campaign creative will show real people, real stories and a real fact. In testing this had the most impact on audiences.

What we are looking for:
– We need real stories about a time when someone stood up for you and how it made a difference so to inspire others on how they can make a difference but changing their own behaviour.
– Examples of micro-aggressions towards you or someone you know and the impact
– This can be done totally anonymously, first name only o We are also looking for a few people who are willing to tell their story with both people from both sides of the story to put their face to the campaign e.g. Mother/child, teacher/student, boss/employee, coach/player. Submit a selfie-film around 30secs long about how you have supported someone who is LGBTIQ+. It does not have to be one of these examples but we need two sides of the story.
– We will fully support people who choose to be the pubic face of the campaign.

How to get involved:
If you would like to be involved as a community influencer or know someone who would be interested please email Jo Read directly and let them know. If you are in place where you think you can be or know someone who can be a public face of this campaign please submit a selfie-film or get in touch with Jo if you would like to discuss further. We are only looking for three stories as the public face however we need many different stories from across our diverse community that can inspire others.

Regards Jo ReadPronouns: she/her/herst: (03) 9347 1188

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