By Marian Pitts, Hunter Mulcare, Samantha Croy, Anne Mitchell, Sunil L. Patel, Murray Couch This research has its beginnings in an act of transgender activism, arising as it did out of dissatisfaction with the capacity of the 2005 Private Lives project to capture the complexity of transgender lives. A central pivot in the concerns of the transgender communities about health services is that of recognition. Download PDF from GLHV
GQA Library open for business!
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Genderqueer Australia Library Books now available to reserve and borrow! We’ve been hard at work on the Library system here at Genderqueer Australia, and now it’s complete we can let you all have a go! Yes, we don’t have many books at present, but they’ll slowly increase in time! Books can be reserved using the system and picked-up (for a deposit of $1 per book) at our monthly coffee gatherings. You can even request books …
Safe2pee gender neutral toilet blog
safe2pee website Safe2Pee is a blog about gender neutral toilets.   There have been times in most people’s lives when they felt the uncontrollable urge of using the bathroom. Unfortunately (or, fortunately), for most of us, the only option available at the time was a public toilet. The blog is a collection of personal experiences and some from outside contributors
Hormone treatment of children
By Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Doctors from the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic in Melbourne have written this article for the Medical Journal of Australia regarding hormone treatment of children and adolescents. The objectives were to study the effects of hormones in this group of people and report findings. Medical journal of Australia Hormone treatment GID in children article Download PDF
Born as a girl
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Born as a girl. Local trans man, Danny King has been interviewed by The Age newspaper Daily Life supplement on his life. The article goes into detail about the world before and after transition and covers hormones and surgical details While the subject-matter is Trans* related, much of the information is useful to Genderqueer people who sometimes access hormones and some surgeries to feel better in their bodies. It makes for a really interesting read! …
Transgenders and Intersexuals
By Lois May Approximately one person out of every hundred is born intersexed to some degree but doesn’t necessarily know it. The incidence is only slightly less than twinning, which occurs about once in every eighty births. Book donated by boigrrlwonder and Toni P. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form at the bottom to reserve or borrow, and then return the book next month. Simple!
GQA library in Beta
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Well, the GQA library is now in Beta test phase. We’re using the OpenBook plugin which is giving us ready-made information on the books we have (and a system for adding ones that aren’t). At present, the cart is at partial functionality, and we’ll be adding a way to order GQA flyers through the system too. But in the meantime, take a peek at the work so-far!