Australian of the year vs Twitter

Something many people learn to their cost is that when you’re on social media, you have to be careful about what you’re saying lest it come back and bite you later on.

It’s a common enough problem though; sometimes in the passion of the moment, you type something you’d get away with if you were talking one-on-one. But Social Media scatters your comments to the four winds where anyone and everyone can read them.

The test of decency though is when you realise you’ve said something you regret, and take responsibility.

Group Captain Cate McGregor has taken the high road after a set of critical comments about the Australian of the Year for 2016, Lieutenant General Morrison, whose 2013 Youtube speech regarding “Unacceptable Behaviour” and sexism in the armed forces is arguably as compelling and powerful as Julia Gillard’s Misoginy speech back in 2012.

Cate was however awarded Queenslander of the year and while it’s not quite as prestigious, it is appreciation nonetheless.

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