Artillery Box – Hygiene products without the flowers

Artillery Box is fundraising to design and supply hygiene products for Trans Men and Genderqueers and anyone who doesn’t identify as femme but needs products to handle menstruating bodies. They say:

There is a huge gap in the current personal hygiene market when it comes to individuals who do not identify as female or feminine. Products aimed at managing and working with a menstruating body are aimed almost exclusively at women – with advertising, colours, and even language to match. Such things can be incredibly challenging and can cause serious dysphoria to masculine-identifying people who need to use these products monthly to get by.

It’s an idea long overdue, and the creators of the project have a video to explain everything:

ArtilleryBox Launch Video from Velvl Henry Ryder on Vimeo.

They surveyed over 400 Trans* identifying people, and have designed the boxes to be as accessible and gender neutral as possible. They’ve also got a “pay it forward” programme which can help people who can’t afford the product but who desperately need it.

Val and Velvl have a month to raise $5,500 to start the project in earnest, so if you’ve got some spare cash and need or know someone who needs products like this, get on board and help out. You can pay $15AU for a 3 month pack of tampons or pads or pay it forward to people who can’t afford it. Other perks include packs with badges or teeshirts.

Get over to the IndieGoGo page for more information.

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