An LGBTIQA+ Survey: Support a new Startup

Come check out this survey, which has been created to support the development of a new Queer Startup called Queer Town, which is dedicated to creating and distributing digital media that has been designed by LGBTIQA+ people for LGBTIQA+ people.
By completing this survey, you’ll be assisting a small team of young queer people in their mission to provide more opportunities for queer creatives and more representation for queer audiences. You also have the chance to win a collection of magazines by Archer Magazine – “the world’s most inclusive publication about sex and gender” – including the latest issue: ARCHER MAGAZINE #10 – THE HISTORY ISSUE.
They’re committed to creating content that meets the needs of as many LGBTIQA+ people as possible – so please share this survey with other LGBTIQA+ people in your life so they can create new and diverse content that the community wants! 

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