An entrepreneurial LGBTQIA+ Networking event

Small business owners/entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs constantly face hardships: rejection, disappointment, frustration, financial loss, failure, loneliness, doubt, confusion, self-sabotage, self-limitation, depression, and relationship issues to only name a few. Those struggles are painful enough as they are, but for someone that is part of a minority within an already vulnerable community, those confronting situations can trigger much deeper traumatic events, difficult memories, and repressed feelings that can cause a lot of added suffering. How can you harvest those experiences to blossom into the best successful version of yourself? POWER WITHIN is a free inspiring LGBTQIA+ networking event, presented by Insight Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation with the support of Small Business Victoria, showcasing how some members of the minorities of the LGBTQI+ community, through their unique life journey, learned ways to nurture their vulnerability, convert their struggles into strength, happiness, and great career opportunities. It is an opportunity not to miss to create meaningful connections and to listen to captivating guest speakers!

This is a FREE event with the objective of bringing professionals and entrepreneurs together to build networks, foster professional development and explore business opportunities.

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