ACT: Renaming of The Friday Centre to ‘Gender Pathways’

May be an image of text that says "The Friday Centre is now: GENDER PATHWAYS A peer navigation service providing information, resources, and referrals for trans and gender diverse folk and our allies! AGA (02) 6162 1924 GENDERRIGHTS.ORG.AU gender agenda SUPPORT@GENDERRIGHTS.ORG.AU"

We are so excited to announce that The Friday Centre is now taking on the name ‘Gender Pathways’ to better represent the work they do!

Gender Pathways is a peer navigation service for trans, gender diverse folk, and our allies to access information, resources, and referrals to to support social, legal and medical affirmation.

‘This is an exciting evolution for AGA and reflects the growing role we play in assisting people to navigate the complexities of expressing their gender identity. Helping individuals and families navigate the complex pathways of gender expression and gender transition is at the very core of what AGA does.’
Jake Blight – AGA Board Chair

‘Since taking over the Friday Centre in mid 2020 we have always been impressed with how much our service has been able to connect and share with our broader community. Our peer navigators display an incredible passion in their work for ensuring new members are heard and understood and that anyone who walks through our doors can find pathways to gender affirmation, their own way and without barriers or judgement. Our rooms at the counselling space at Meridian that we have called “The Friday Centre” is the core of what we do, our service has also become so much more than what we could have initially imagined. In addition to in-house peer navigation we now provide outreach to services across the community sector, justice, and even in schools, doing our best to reach out to support members in new and exciting ways.With this change to our name we acknowledge the full breadth of work being done by our talented staff and give ourselves even more space to grow, to connect and partner with organisations, and to provide new and valuable services to our members. We are looking forward to sharing all of these exciting new opportunities with you in the coming months.’
Bella-Cate Rose – Gender Pathways Coordinator (A Gender Agenda)

You can find more information and get in touch with Gender Pathways at

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