TransFamily is a Peer Support Group for parents, siblings, extended family and /or friends of a trans person. The group offers a warm and supportive environment for the parents, siblings, friends and family of transgender people. They run peer support on the fourth Saturday of the month in Carlton. Visit the TransFamily website
Transcend is an information hub for parents and families of transgender children. It was founded by parents who felt clear and concise information would help others access appropriate support for their transgender children. We focus on families of children below the age of 18 years, however the information here is useful for families of adult transgender children too. Visit the Transcend website
He’s My daughter
by Lynda Langley “Tony’s wife was on the phone, ringing from their interstate home. My husband’s face drained to ashen. Tony had totally castrated himself. He had lost a lot of blood and was now in surgery.” A mother’s story of losing a son and gaining a daughter — a transsexual transition and a mother’s love. Scroll down to reserve and borrow Leave your details in the form at the bottom to reserve or borrow, …