Vic: Monash Gender Clinic

03 9556 5216 | Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY | 352 South Road HAMPTON EAST VIC 3168

How we can help

Note: This team has recently been renamed from Southern Health Gender Clinic.

The Monash Gender Clinic is a multidisciplinary team comprising Consultant Psychiatrists, a Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, administrative support, and external private consultants in Speech Pathology, Endocrinology and Plastic Surgery.

They have awareness around genderqueer issues and allow their clients to direct their own journey.

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Transmission – new Bent TV show starts September 1st 2014

Put it in your diaries, your smartphones and calendars, folks.

Bent TV has produced a new show – Transmission – which features interviews, panels and opinions on all things Trans* from many in the Victorian community including our very own Gem!

It arrives September 1st at 10pm on Channel 31.

Read more about Bent TV.


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Fred McConnell: There’s no such thing as a sex change

Here’s a great explanatory video from The Guardian and Fred McConnell on why there’s no such thing as a sex change

Fred McConnell: There’s no such thing as a sex change

It covers why “sex change” is incorrect, how to talk to people who are transgender and the ways in which conversation about this subject can help educate and help Trans and non-trans people.


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Abigail Varney: METIS

Metis; male bodied, feminine people, captures the subtleties of modern gender and the way their unique environment encapsulates a notion of expressive style.

Abigail Varney’s subjects are joined in celebration on women’s day held at the Blue Diamond Society, the main NGO in Kathmandu that supports the LGBT community. This hub reinforces confidence through community and allows her subjects to be photographed unguarded and of pure self-expression. While Nepal has official recognition of the
third gender within their national census, the first positive step in paving stronger acceptance of sexual and gender minorities, their efforts to lead a normal life are still being contested.

Finding true connection with her subjects is what drives Abigail’s portrait photography, her subject’s join the bind of tradition and the contemporary and reveal a graceful celebration of their personal femininity.

The exhibition runs until 2nd August, come by and check it out!

Above is a link to the webpage where you will find more information, please feel free to share with friends and others who may be interested in this work.

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How did you get through it? LGBTI older people with depression and anxiety.

How did you get through it?

Exploring strategies and service provision for older LGBTI people with depression and anxiety

Who we are and why we need you

We are currently seeking older LGBTI Australians to participate in confidential interviews.  The  interviews  are  part  of  a  project  to  educate  service  providers about  the  issues  associated  with  depression  and  anxiety  for  older  LGBTI people.  The  project  is  a  collaboration  between  The  National  Ageing  Research Institute, Val’s Café (at  the  Australian  Research  Centre  in  Sex,  Health  and Society,  La  Trobe  University)  and  RMIT  and  has  been  funded  by  beyondblue. The project has been approved by La Trobe University’s ethics committee.

We  would  like  to  speak  with  LGBTI  Australians  aged  65  years  or  more,  from any  state/territory  who  have  experienced  depression  and/or  anxiety  –  about their strategies for managing. Interviews will be conducted until June 2014.

For more information or to book an interview contact:

Dr Catherine Barrett, Val’s Café
P: 03 9479 8702 5297 or E:

Carolyn Whyte, Val’s Cafe
P: 03 94798739 or E: 

Dr Jean Tinney, National Ageing Research Institute
P: 03 8387 2601 or E:

Dr. Phillip Maude, RMIT
P: 9925 7447 or E:


Click here to download the flyer

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Research investigating the lived experience of taking HRT

Hello, my name is Jessica Cleasby. I am currently completing the research
component of a Masters of Sexology at Curtin University. I am seeking participants
to assist with my research. We are looking for trans people who have undergone
hormone therapy for at least six months to tell us their story.

We use the term trans in an inclusive way, and would like to hear from people who
use (or used) words like transsexual, transgender, sistergirl, androgynous, or
genderqueer to describe themselves.

The purpose of this research is to investigate the lived experience of taking
hormone therapy. I am also interested to learn about treatment by healthcare
providers during this period and  recommendations for service improvement. We hope
that this research will inform practice and policy to assist our healthcare system
to better support trans individuals, and the healthcare professionals who work with

We are asking for participation in two short interviews with a researcher from
Curtin University, and confidentiality is guaranteed. We anticipate it will take
about an hour and a half in total.

If you or someone you know would be willing to share your experience, please email:
Jessica Cleasby: for more information on how
to participate.

Alternatively, you may contact the project supervisor, Matt Tilley on (08) 92664579,

Thank-you for your time, please feel free to forward this message on to others who
may be interested.

Kind Regards,

Jess Cleasby

**This study has been approved by the Curtin University Human Research Ethics
Committee (Approval Number HR 118/2014). The Committee is comprised of members of
the public, academics, lawyers, doctors and pastoral carers. If needed, verification
of approval can be obtained either by writing to the Curtin University Human
Research Ethics Committee, c/- Office of Research and Development, Curtin
University, GPO Box U1987, Perth, 6845 or by telephoning 92662784 or by emailing​

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Participants wanted for Griffith University LGBTI community research study

Researchers at Griffith University, with support from beyondblue, are conducting a study aiming to develop better strategies for preventing suicide in LGBTI people in Australia.

If you are interested in taking part, please read further information below and in the attached flyers.

Study Title: Fatal Suicidal Behaviours in LGBTI Populations
This project has ethics approval from the Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee (CSR/01/13/HREC) .

Organisation: Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP), Griffith University

Researchers: Dr Delaney Skerrett, Dr Kairi Kõlves, Prof. Diego De Leo

Project description: The aim of this study is to learn more about the processes that lead to a suicide in LGBTI individuals. This information is aimed at helping us develop better strategies for preventing suicide in LGBTI people in Australia. No previous studies have been carried out that systematically look into deaths by suicide among LGBT individuals in the Australian context and therefore this is a very important topic.

Participants required:

(1) The researchers are looking to interview friends and relatives of LGBTI people who have lost their lives to suicide.

(2) The researchers are also looking to interview LGBTI people living in Australia to be the control group for this study to allow us to better understand the differences and similarities between the experience of those who are alive and those who have lost their lives to suicide.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age and will be interviewed for around two to three hours, with compensation given for their time.

Griffith University Study_LGBTI recruitment_know LGBTI person died by suicide_flyer

Griffith University Study_LGBTI recruitment_control group flyer

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In the news: Calls to help gender diverse children

While the term "sex-change" is a bit old-school, this article from Jill Stark of The Age newspaper, helps expand the issues around hormones and surgery for youth.

Calls to help sex-change kids

The major problem is that medical services are extremely underfunded in general, and gender clinics more so.

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In the news: Gender Pioneers in The Age newspaper

We were interviewed by Jill Stark a couple of weeks ago for this Age Newspaper article.

Gender pioneers wage war with law and officialdom

I’m never happy with a "War" comparison in any struggle by the way, but it seems to be the thing to do when talking about difficulties people have.

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have your gender preconceptions blown!

Read about a 17th century cyborg and have your gender preconceptions blown!

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Transitioning female-to-male in Australia – FTM Australia

Transitioning female-to-male in Australia: A guide for men, their families and service providers:A guide for men, their families and service providers | FTM Australia | OL25447430M| Google Books |

Transitioning female-to-male in Australia

Transitioning female-to-male in Australia

Transitioning female-to-male in Australia is chock full of information and advice, explaining many facets of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, in language you can understand.

This friendly guidebook gives you the information you need to take charge of your own process to make this transition as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Data provided by OpenBook

Donate to Australian numeracy & literacy programmes | Donate to Indigenous literacy programmes


Order Library: Transitioning female-to-male in Australia Borrow Transitioning female-to-male in Australia
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News: we’ve been listed on the GLHV website!

Good news for Genderqueer peeps: Genderqueer Australia is now on the Gay Lesbian Health Victoria website.

Click here to view the GQA page on the GLHV website.

Big thanks to the peeps who run the website for this inclusion!

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Vic: Toilart

View the map | Contribute a gender neutral toilet

How it can help

Ever needed to go to the toilet and had to choose between JUST male or female? Why can’t we just go to the toilet and not worry about gender?!

The Toilart map

Want to contribute to the map?

If you’ve found a gender neutral toilet, please let us know using the form below:

About Toilart

The ToilArt Project is dedicated to mapping gender neutral, unisex and accessible toilets and bathrooms around the city (with the possibility of extending our map in the future). We also collaborate with artists from around Melbourne to help raise awareness about bathroom safety and accessibility in creative and entertaining ways.

Toilart was a project of the Trans Melbourne Gender Project.

From January 2014, Genderqueer Australia has taken-on maintenance of the Toilart map. Thanks go to the original Toilart team for their hard work on the project!


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Professional Services: George Forgan Smith

PRACTITIONER WEBSITE | The Healthy Bear on facebook | The Healthy Bear on twitterEMAIL | Phone number | 563 Bourke St, Melbourne, Vic 3000

How I can help

Counsellors by Rose Moore

Dr George Forgan-Smith is a gay GP and family doctor based in Melbourne, Australia.


(from the website)

Hey there Guys, my name is Dr George Forgan-Smith and I’m a GP and gay doctor in Melbourne Australia. I am an Australian trained doctor (MBBS University of Queensland) and a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). I also have a science degree, also from the University Of Queensland (BSc).


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Professional Services: Triumph HRC and Maurissa Ailion

HRC WebsiteEmail Triumph HRC| Call Triumph HRC

How I can help

Counsellors by Rose Moore

Triumph HRC and Maurissa Ailion provides counselling services for  individuals in Adelaide, South Australia.

About us

Triumph HRC operates in South Australia, helping Transgender individuals.

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Vic: Dr. Michael Kozminsky

Counsellors by Rose Moore

Counsellors by Rose Moore

Genesis Medical Centre, 390 Bay Street Brighton | 9596 6422

How I can help

I’m a general practitioner working with experience with transgender patients and alcohol and other drugs. I’m happy to add my name to the list of practitioners who are willing to help Trans people.

I operate a bulk-billing practice which may make things easier for people.


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Gay Lesbian Switchboard Training – April 2013

In April 2013, Genderqueer Australia performed training for new phone counsellors in the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard Victoria.


Creative Commons License
Switchboard 2013 training presentation by Genderqueer Australia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at…ing-april-2013/.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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The little boy by E Kelly & E Webster

The little boy | E. Kelly & E. Webster | OL25428280M| Buy from FTM Australia | Download PDF | Google Books |

The little boy

The little boy

The little boy portrays one person’s experience of transsexualism. This book was designed by parents, one of whom is transsexual, to explain the condition to children.

Data provided by OpenBook

Donate to Australian numeracy & literacy programmes | Donate to Indigenous literacy programmes

Order The Little Boy Borrow The Little Boy
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New location for GQA gatherings!

We’re on the move in June and at a new location for our regular monthly gatherings.

Hairy Little Sista

218-240 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

View Larger Map

Hairy Little Sista on Little Collins Street is the location for our June gathering. So remember to update your calendar, or if you have a smartphone or computer, you can subscribe to the GQA calendar here.

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Legend of Les Girls by Carlotta

He did it her way: Carlotta, legend of Les Girls| Carlotta. | OL1201331M | Goodreads | Google Books |

He did it her way

He did it her way

For 26 years from 1963 Carlotta was the undisputed queen of Kings Cross — the legend of Les Girls, a landmark theatre restaurant where all the women on stage are really drag queens.

He Did It Her Way is a fascinating and often hilarious journey into her world as a performer and transexual who started life as a Balmain boy and went on to have one of the fist sex change operations in Australia.

Candid, witty and irreverent — this is classic Carlotta, from the smart-arse ad-libbing to the intimate secrets shared, just as if she is enteratining you — her live audience of one.

Data provided by OpenBook

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