video: boys who wear dresses
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IPG counselling homepage | IPG counselling youtube channel These videos were inspired by the Sunday Times special on “boys who wear dresses”. They contain great information on gender variance and other issues which come up with gender variant kids and explanations of terminology. Part 1 Part 2
web: safe2pee gender neutral toilet finder
safe2pee website How it can help Safe2Pee is a web-based location service for gender neutral toilets. It has a few Australian toilets, but you can add ones you find through their site. The advantage for Australian peeps is that there is an iPhone app which uses the data from this …
Resources: International journal of transgenderism
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WPATH website | Download journals¬†| Read more about WPATH journal of transgenderism Summary WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) has made their first seven journals available for download. This great source of research and information is of benefit to professionals who work with gender questioning, genderqueer or transgender people. …