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This page is for Genderqueer people and has a great list of resources like books, movies, flyers and much more!

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Article: Muxes, a third gender in Mexico

Muxes: A Third Gender in Oaxaca, Mexico » Sociological Images

An article on a group of people called “muxes” (pronounced MOO-Shays) who present themselves as a third gender in Mexico.

Carmelo with his grandmother at their home

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Article: The clothes that make the man

The clothes that make the man.

The kilt to make a return in men’s wardrobes? A long and interesting article on gendering clothing.

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Book: April Ashley’s Odyssey

April Ashley’s Odyssey on Amazon.com


April Ashley’s Odyssey by April Ashley and Duncan Fallowell is a biography of April’s life from boy in Liverpool in the 1930s to her successful sex reassignment surgery, modelling career and marriage to Arthur Corbett.


Read April Ashley’s Odyssey online at Antijen.org

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Book: Be who you are

 Purchase Be Who You Are


Be Who You Are, the new book written by Jennifer Carr and illustrated by Ben Rumback is the first of a series designed to educate children, siblings, parents, family, friends, caregivers, educators and the community about gender non-conforming and transgender children.

Be Who You Are was written to open minds and hearts to the concept of children who do not identify with their birth gender. Gender diverse or transgender children are often misunderstood, ridiculed, physically assaulted or shamed into acting contrary to how they feel causing lasting and damaging effects.


Review on OffbeatMama.com


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Book: Beyond Binary

Beyond Binary at Amazon.com


Speculative fiction is the literature of questions, of challenges and imagination, and what better to question than the ways in which gender and sexuality have been rigidly defined, partitioned off, put in little boxes? These seventeen stories explore the ways in which identity can go beyond binary from space colonies to small college towns, from angels to androids, and from a magical past to other worlds entirely, the authors in this collection have brought to life wonderful tales starring people who proudly define (and redefine) their own genders, sexualities, identities, and so much else in between.


Online review:from io9.com

Where to buy

Buy Beyond Binary at amazon.com

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Books: Hares Hyenas booklist

Hares & Hyenas website | 63 Johnston St. Fitzroy 3065 | H&H Trans booklist

How we can help

Hares & Hyenas is Melbourne’s only Queer bookstore and maintains a Transgender booklist. This list includes many titles which will be of help to gender-questioning and genderqueer people

About Hares & Hyenas

Hares & Hyenas queer bookstore opened in 1991 and has been going strong ever since. The only bookstore in Melbourne to offer books written by GLBTIQ authors exclusively, there is no question that it has made a mark on the city and the community.

Read more about Hares & Hyenas.

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Brochure: Beyond the binary

Beyond the binary website | Download PDF


The Beyond the binary booklet was created by the Transgender law centre in San Francisco, California. It’s intended for use by students and teachers to discuss gender identity other than male and female.

Note: the legal information and statistics are drawn from studies in the USA, however, the rest of the information is really good to get conversations going in a school environment.

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Brochure: Gender Questioning booklet

Gender Questioning on GLHV websiteDownload the Gender Questioning booklet


The Gender Questioning booklet was produced by Gay Lesbian Health Victoria with the help of the Trans Melbourne Gender Project. It’s intended for gender-questioning and genderqueer youth, but is useful for people of all ages.

The booklet is also available as a printed brochure from Gay Lesbian Health Victoria and the Rainbow Network.


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Brochure: Genderqueer sexual health

Download the genderqueer sexual health booklet | Order a hard copy


(from genderqueer.tumblr.com)

The Trans Youth Sexual Health booklet was produced by trans people aged 16-24 at Gendered Intelligence, in partnership with Terrence Higgins Trust. The project allowed young trans people to get together as a group and learn about sexual health, and also to discuss how to make sexual health information more relevant to trans people. As a result, a group of young people produced this information booklet, which is aimed at trans youth and their partners.



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Brochure: Simply Trans

 Download the Simply Trans booklet | Order hard copies


The Simply Trans booklet was created by the WA Gay and Lesbian Community Services organisation to explain what the various kinds of transgender expression are. It includes good explanations of what sex and gender are.

NOTE: The explanation of cross-dresser, while technically accurate, doesn’t take into consideration that genderqueer people consistently dress in the clothing of the “opposite” sex.

The booklet can be downloaded by clicking the link above then saving it using your browser menu.


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Exceloo gender neutral toilets

Automated Public Toilet Solutions | Exeloo Locations | Exeloo.

Gender Spectrum – by Rose Moore

We all need to pee!

Exceloo is an automated public toilet which has been installed all around Australia.

They are designed to be accessible and are totally gender-neutral toilets.

While we don’t have any affiliation with the company, we do think that a toilet doesn’t need to have a gender, and Exceloo seems to have this attitude too (either deliberately or accidentally)!



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Grief and Loss fact sheet from Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue websiteDownload PDF


This fact sheet of 4 pages goes into brief detail on the area of grief and loss which many people suffer during life changes such as the transition of a partner or the loss of family.

This sheet is useful for:

  • gender-questioning
  • genderqueer
  • transgender
  • partners
  • family and friends
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Magazine: Dirty Queer Magazine

Dirty Queer Magazine website | DQM on Facebook | DQM on Twitter


Dirty Queer Magazine is a Sydney-based bi-annual print magazine for all sorts of queer people, including interviews with genderqueer, trans and intersex people.

It’s available to purchase direct from the site, or from stockists listed.


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Magazine: Dude Magazine

Dude magazine website


Dude magazine is the first collection of queer and trans perspectives on various topics related to trans guys. It has a lot of material relevant to gender-questioning and genderqueer people too!

The magazine comes out in hard-copy form and is also available on the website.


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Mantyhose: Fashion for men

Fashion for men.

Here’s a website selling “mantyhose”, stockings designed for men. It’s an example of how clothing designers are beginning to experiment with non-gendered clothing, or at least, sharing clothing supposedly exclusively intended for one gender, not the other.



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My Agender: edited by S.J. Tipping

My Agender: Personal stories exploring gender and sexuality | S.J. Tipping | OL25400391M

 My agender website | Google Books

My Agender

My Agender

My Agender is a collection of personal stories which explore the interplay between gender and sexuality. The stories in this book are written from the heart and explore the pain, strength and courage it takes to express your authentic self.

Identity, determination and individuality are common themes which each contributor displays with incredible honesty and vulnerability. Several stores reflect on past experiences and highlight the importance of being free to be yourself. It is time to challenge binary thinking and explore the ‘in-between’.

Data provided by OpenBook


Review by:  Boigrrlwonder

I absolutely love reading short stories, even better ones that I can relate to and that cover the diversity of the GLBTIQ community. This book holds a special place on my shelf because each story is so familiar – I can relate to them, the authors and at the same time learn something new from/of each. This is an excellent read for young and old, trips and before bed, as well as an excellent gift for all occasions and one that should be on every library shelf.

Where to buy

Buy My Agender from the website
Buy My Agender as an eBook on Amazon
Buy My Agender at Hares & Hyenas
Buy My Agender at Readings

Donate to Australian numeracy & literacy programmes | Donate to Indigenous literacy programmes

Order My Agender
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My gender workbook: Kate Bornstein

My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely | Kate Bornstein | OL7495768M

| Goodreads | Google Books |

My Gender Workbook

My Gender Workbook

From the moment we take our first breath (and sometimes even before that, what with sonic imaging technology), the cry “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” ushers us into this world.

My Gender Workbook enables the reader to explore what it means to be a man or a woman, and to offer a middle-ground which is self-identified and comfortable.

Data provided by OpenBook

Donate to Australian numeracy & literacy programmes | Donate to Indigenous literacy programmes



Reviews on Amazon.com

International Gay and Lesbian Review

Out of Stock

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Peeps: In our words blog

Genderqueer « In Our Words


The In our words blog contains great content written by and for genderqueer peeps.

There’s articles around gender policing, trans vs genderqueer, the effects of testosterone and more.

Get over there and have a look!


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Research: Gender neutral toilets

Thesis on gender neutral toilets

The above link is to a thesis discussing gender neutral toilets, written by M. B. Kopas of the University of Washington.

While examples and context is American, the points are relevant whereever you are!

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