video: boys who wear dresses
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IPG counselling homepage | IPG counselling youtube channel These videos were inspired by the Sunday Times special on “boys who wear dresses”. They contain great information on gender variance and other issues which come up with gender variant kids and explanations of terminology. Part 1 Part 2
web: safe2pee gender neutral toilet finder
safe2pee website How it can help Safe2Pee is a web-based location service for gender neutral toilets. It has a few Australian toilets, but you can add ones you find through their site. The advantage for Australian peeps is that there is an iPhone app which uses the data from this …
RMIT Student Union – Compass
RMIT Student Union – Compass. How we can help The compass drop-in at Royal Melbourne Institute of TAFE (RMIT) is a service of the RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) and available to RMIT students. We provide information and referral services for those students experiencing difficulties in a number of areas …
Web: Not so straight
Not so straight website How we can help (from the website) This website contains plenty of info for everyone, whether you’re heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or just asking questions your sure to find something interesting. Not So Straight is a website specifically built to help young people find information …
Web: The gender book
The gender book website | TGB on Facebook | View the Gender Book online What is it? The Gender Book is an online resource that discusses and demystifies gender, a “gender 101” if you like. It is a community funded and edited resource, currently seeking a publisher.  
webcomic: rooster tails
Rooster Tails website How we can help Rooster Tails is an online trans and genderqueer comic and blog written and drawn by NZ artist and transman Sam. It’s got humour and social commentary, and helps you think about things from another perspective. About Rooster Tails Rooster Tails is a weekly …