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This list of resources has been put together to help families and friends of gender-questioning and genderqueer people. You’ll find books, movies and other useful materials below!

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Book: Be who you are

 Purchase Be Who You Are


Be Who You Are, the new book written by Jennifer Carr and illustrated by Ben Rumback is the first of a series designed to educate children, siblings, parents, family, friends, caregivers, educators and the community about gender non-conforming and transgender children.

Be Who You Are was written to open minds and hearts to the concept of children who do not identify with their birth gender. Gender diverse or transgender children are often misunderstood, ridiculed, physically assaulted or shamed into acting contrary to how they feel causing lasting and damaging effects.


Review on OffbeatMama.com


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Book: My child is transgender

Tranifesto website | Buy My child is transgender on Amazon.com


This book was written by author and trans-man Matt Kailey to help parents adjust to their adult children changing gender.

Note: while this book is around change of gender (male to female, female to male), the information in it is just as relevant for parents of gender-questioning and genderqueer people.

About the author

(from the Tranifesto website)

Matt Kailey is a transsexual man and an award-winning author, blogger, teacher, and community leader, as well as a nationally recognized speaker and trainer on transgender issues.

Read more about Matt Kailey.

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Book: Transitions of the Heart : Edited by Rachel Pepper

Cleis Press – Transitions of the Heart : Edited by Rachel Pepper

 Transitions of the Heart is the first collection to invite mothers of transgender and gender variant children to tell their own stories. Often “transitioning” socially and emotionally alongside their children, parents have their own parallel process to work through, and few resources to depend on.

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Brochure: Beyond the binary

Beyond the binary website | Download PDF


The Beyond the binary booklet was created by the Transgender law centre in San Francisco, California. It’s intended for use by students and teachers to discuss gender identity other than male and female.

Note: the legal information and statistics are drawn from studies in the USA, however, the rest of the information is really good to get conversations going in a school environment.

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Grief and Loss fact sheet from Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue websiteDownload PDF


This fact sheet of 4 pages goes into brief detail on the area of grief and loss which many people suffer during life changes such as the transition of a partner or the loss of family.

This sheet is useful for:

  • gender-questioning
  • genderqueer
  • transgender
  • partners
  • family and friends
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Infosheet:Gender Questioning


This is the current version of the Gender Questioning infosheet.

Print this duplex, short-edge binding.

When folding, fold the Website Resources page inwards and the cover over the top of this.

The creative commons license for this infosheet can be found by clicking here.

(Please note: this presentation was made prior to our name-change. For more information, see our about page by clicking here.)

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My Agender: edited by S.J. Tipping

My Agender: Personal stories exploring gender and sexuality | S.J. Tipping | OL25400391M

 My agender website | Google Books

My Agender

My Agender

My Agender is a collection of personal stories which explore the interplay between gender and sexuality. The stories in this book are written from the heart and explore the pain, strength and courage it takes to express your authentic self.

Identity, determination and individuality are common themes which each contributor displays with incredible honesty and vulnerability. Several stores reflect on past experiences and highlight the importance of being free to be yourself. It is time to challenge binary thinking and explore the ‘in-between’.

Data provided by OpenBook


Review by:  Boigrrlwonder

I absolutely love reading short stories, even better ones that I can relate to and that cover the diversity of the GLBTIQ community. This book holds a special place on my shelf because each story is so familiar – I can relate to them, the authors and at the same time learn something new from/of each. This is an excellent read for young and old, trips and before bed, as well as an excellent gift for all occasions and one that should be on every library shelf.

Where to buy

Buy My Agender from the website
Buy My Agender as an eBook on Amazon
Buy My Agender at Hares & Hyenas
Buy My Agender at Readings

Donate to Australian numeracy & literacy programmes | Donate to Indigenous literacy programmes

Order My Agender
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Research: Gender neutral toilets

Thesis on gender neutral toilets

The above link is to a thesis discussing gender neutral toilets, written by M. B. Kopas of the University of Washington.

While examples and context is American, the points are relevant whereever you are!

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Research: Hormone treatment of children

Medical journal of AustraliaHormone treatment GID in children article | Download PDF


Doctors from the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic have written this article for the Medical Journal of Australia regarding hormone treatment of children and adolescents.

The objectives were to study the effects of hormones in this group of people and report findings.

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Teenage Transsexuals

Teenage Transsexuals

Here is a really good article on the trials and tribulations of transgendered children and their parents.

It goes into detail about the current situation in Australia with regard to puberty blockers and hormones, and uses correct pronouns for all concerned.

Note: While the article speaks exclusively of transsexual children and their parents, the situation is very similar if not identical for the parents and families of gender-questioning and genderqueer people.

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video: boys who wear dresses

IPG counselling homepage | IPG counselling youtube channel

These videos were inspired by the Sunday Times special on “boys who wear dresses”. They contain great information on gender variance and other issues which come up with gender variant kids and explanations of terminology.

Part 1

Part 2

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Video: Facing Mirrors

Films – Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) | Facing Mirrors on IMDB


Facing Mirrors is an Iranian German co-production about a trans-man in modern-day Iran.

(from the MQFF website)

Two women – poles apart in background and belief – find themselves awkward travelling companions in a desperate car ride through Tehran. Conservative Randa is covertly driving her jailed husband’s taxi; upfront pre-op transsexual Adineh is fleeing the country to escape her wealthy family’s insistence on a pre-arranged marriage. Avoiding gender stereotypes, Facing Mirrors charts the unexpected friendship that develops between the two.


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Video: Gun hill road

Gun Hill Road website | Gun Hill Road on IMDB


Gun Hill Road is the story of a family in transition. It is the story of a young man exploring his sexuality in an intolerant and judgmental world and his exploration’s impact on his relationship with his parents and himself.
Note: While the subject-matter is transgender in form, it gives an indication of how families cope with gender variance.


Review on IMDB.com


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Video: NoRmal

Normal on IMDB | Buy Normal on Amazon.com


A married man in America announces he wants to undergo surgery to become female.

Note: While the subject-matter is transgender in form, it gives an indication of how families cope with gender variance.


Review on IMDB



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web: FTM Australia family and friends resources

FTM Australia family and friends resources page

What is it?

The FTM Australia family and friends resources page contains great information for family members.

Note: Even though these resources are intended for Transgendered people, we think they’re a great place to get information that will help you with the many different hurdles you have with a gender-questioning or genderqueer family member or friend.

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Web: True Colours

True Colours website | Email

How we can help

True Colours is an online group for the parents of Trans people who need to change their bodies to affirm their internal gender identity. We operate an email discussion group which you can join by contacting us and introduciong yourself.

About True Colours

(from the website)

This website represents young people who experience transsexualism and a network of their parents, families and supporters throughout Australia

Our message to young people with transsexualism and to other parents and families like us is “You are not alone! Transsexualism is a natural example of human diversity. Young people with transsexualism are entitled to be believed about who they say they are and you are entitled to support them and to make sure they receive the proper timely diagnosis and medical treatment they need in order to live the full and fulfilling lives to which they are entitled.”

Read more about True Colours.


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What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? – NYTimes.com

What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? – NYTimes.com.

Interesting and long article about parenting gender variant children.

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