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My partner is changing and I don’t know what to do

On this page you can find links to the basic information that’s useful for the partners of gender-questioning and genderqueer people, not to mention transgender people too.

Being the partner of someone who is gender-diverse can be challenging and frightening, with great potential for loss and upset.

We hope these resources will help you to better deal with the path you are on.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want further information, or use our I need help resources for immediate aid.

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Article: genderqueer meanings

Transgender, Genderqueer, Cisgender… What Do These Terms Mean? | Kinsey Confidential.

This article from the Kinsey Institute website goes into some detail on what gender identity actually is, and the terms transgender, genderqueer and cisgender.

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Article: Partner is Transsexual

Partner is Transsexual

This article covers some basic issues of having a transgender partner. The points are relevant for those whose partners are gender-questioning or genderqueer.

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Basics: Labels don’t define us

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Atheist or Agnostic? – YouTube

Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks in this video about how labels can be used against people to claim you are something based upon a narrow definition.

This is something Genderqueer Australia works with people to understand, that our definitions of ourselves are extremely narrow, and their use reduces us to these labels. So when we say we are a husband, mother, white, black, homosexual, transgender or genderqueer, we are giving someone else the ammunition to define us as exactly that label and no more.

As human beings we have limitless potential to be something much better: We can be ourselves.


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Grief and loss: Article for transgender folk

Janice Appleton – Article for transgender folk

This article goes into brief detail about the grieving process for a relationship affected by one partner being transgendered.

The process of adjustment for the partners of someone who is gender-questioning, genderqueer or transgender can be a difficult road, as difficult as the coming out process is for the sex and gender diverse.



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Video: Gender Animatic

Gender Animatic – YouTube

The Gender Animatic video below does a great job of addressing the issues that genderqueer people face as people, in the gender binary community and sometimes even in the queer community with gender policing.

Sometimes you just have to create your own space to exist.

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Videos: gender101 – YouTube

gender101 – YouTube

Benjy/Lucy and Lee present a series of videos on gender, which are really informative and useful!

They’re great for basic understanding of the trials of being different, for gender-questioning and genderqueer people.

Get over and watch these!

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