Trans Student Equality Resources – Trans Bathroom Rights Flow Chart

Trans Student Equality Resources – Trans Bathroom Rights Flow Chart.

Trans Student Equality Resources - Trans Bathroom Rights Flow Chart

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Vic: gender-neutral loos

gender-neutral loos

This tumblr lists gender neutral loos in Melbourne and is run by a genderqueer person who has had trouble in the past working out which toilet to use to avoid being harassed.

It’s a growing list and is well maintained!

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Video: gender neutral bathrooms for safety

Gender 101, Episode #7: Gender Neutral Bathrooms and why they’re important – YouTube

A video by Gender 101 on Youtube around the safety reasons for gender neutral toilets.

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Video: Why Gender-Neutral Bathrooms?

Why Gender-Neutral Bathrooms? – YouTube.

Here’s a great video about the reasoning around having gender-neutral toilets.

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01: Gender neutral toilets

Victoria | Australia | International | Resources to help

Click to view the list of local, national and international gender neutral toilets!This shouldn’t be so hard!

If you’re gender-questioning, genderqueer or trans, you can risk ridicule, abuse and even violence just for the sake of needing to go to the toilet.

We’ve done some work to find maps of places you can go to find peace and take care of what you need to do!


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Australia wide

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Resources to help

Below is a set of resources to help with efforts to get more gender neutral toilets.
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web: safe2pee gender neutral toilet finder

safe2pee website

How it can help

Safe2Pee is a web-based location service for gender neutral toilets.

It has a few Australian toilets, but you can add ones you find through their site.

The advantage for Australian peeps is that there is an iPhone app which uses the data from this site to point you in the direction of safe toilets.

We’re adding gender neutral toilets as we find them and suggest you do too!

About safe2pee

(from the website)

The goal of the project is to create a resource where people who do not feel comfortable with traditional public restrooms can find safe alternatives, and to support advocacy and research to further the cause of gender free, inclusive bathrooms. The service aims to be accessible from a variety of mediums (computer, cell phone browser, maybe even a call-in number?).

Read more about safe2pee.

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iPhone app for Gender Neutral Toilets

 iPhone app Helps Trans Find Gender Neutral Toilets | The Gay Life.

Gender Pirate – by Rose Moore


An enterprising iPhone app developer has created an app to help you find gender neutral toilets.

It draws its data from the very good Safe2Pee site, which presently includes only a few gender neutral toilets in Australia.

But we can add new ones ourselves!

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