News: we’ve been listed on the GLHV website!

Good news for Genderqueer peeps: Genderqueer Australia is now on the Gay Lesbian Health Victoria website.

Click here to view the GQA page on the GLHV website.

Big thanks to the peeps who run the website for this inclusion!

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New location for GQA gatherings!

We’re on the move in June and at a new location for our regular monthly gatherings.

Hairy Little Sista

218-240 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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Hairy Little Sista on Little Collins Street is the location for our June gathering. So remember to update your calendar, or if you have a smartphone or computer, you can subscribe to the GQA calendar here.

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GQA Catchup – on the move!

GQA-coffee-2013After 2 years at the same venue, we’ve decided to make a move!

1000 £ bend has been brilliant to us, and has hosted our organisation launch and 24 plus GQA gatherings, but the time has come to find different digs.

Over the next two weeks our crack team of chai tasters will be scoping out the local cafes in search of the perfect brew for GQA peeps. Food, accessibility and space are also being looked into.

We’ll post updates over the next month and then see you all at the new venue on the 1st of June!

Make a recommendation?

Use the form below to suggest a new venue!

The requirements are:

  • Makes a decent chai
  • Food is available
  • Accessible toilets
  • Accessible for wheelchairs
  • Child friendly



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New GQA events calendar

We’ve got a new events calendar here at the GQA website, which we’ve just finished setting up.

You might think it’s just another calendar, BUT this one is different! Just by clicking the +Subscribe button, you can add the calendar to your computer or smartphone and Never Miss Another Event!

Dead useful really.

Take a peek at the new events calendar by clicking here!


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Sexing The Transman by Buck Angel

Sexing the Transman: | Buck Angel | OL25424315M

Sexing the Transman

Sexing the Transman

Buck Angel brings you a groundbreaking educational adult film about trans male sexuality, consisting of interviews and jack-off scenes with four different transmen (aged 20-35).

Each scene starts with an interview in which the performers share details about who they are and why they transitioned from female to male.

Data provided by OpenBook

Donate to Australian numeracy & literacy programmes | Donate to Indigenous literacy programmes

Order Library Sexing the Transman Borrow Sexing the Transman
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News: Brighton council rules toilets gender-neutral

Brighton council rules toilets gender-neutral.

To some it seems preposterous to have gender neutral toilets, but to genderqueer and trans folk it’s something sorely needed.

Perhaps in Oz we can get these too!

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Julie Burchill, transphobia and hostility towards the victims of oppression | Dean Burnett | Science |

Julie Burchill, transphobia and hostility towards the victims of oppression | Dean Burnett | Science |

Heres a really well written article on the weirdness which is one group harassing another.

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LGBTQI young people survey > University Western Sydney

The University of Western Sydney is currently recruiting LGBTQI young people to be involved in an Australia-wide online survey. The survey aims to give young LGBTQI people an opportunity to contribute to the development of community and professional education resources that aim to counteract homophobia, transphobia and harassment.

If you identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning or Intersex (LGBTQI), are aged between 16-27 years, and live in Australia we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to be involved, please follow the link below:

The results from this survey will contribute information that will lead to greater awareness of the needs of queer youth in the wider Australian community.

Find out more:!/pages/Queer-Stories/171326546324685

Contact: A/Prof Kerry Robinson (; Dr Nida Denson (; or Dr Peter Bansel (

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Cooking for kids is gender neutral

Starting Next Summer, Easy Bake Ovens Will Be Gender Neutral.

Thanks to the efforts of a 13 year old boy and his family, a toy oven will be made to be gender neutral rather than pink and purple.

It’s a small step for cooking…

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Petition to make gender-neutral Easy-Bake Ovens – Boing Boing

Petition to make gender-neutral Easy-Bake Ovens – Boing Boing

Here’s a great petition to create gender neutral toy ovens so everyone can use them!

Sign the petition here!

The video

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Clothing: Saint Harridan – Saint Harridan

Saint Harridan – Saint Harridan.

Get onboard with Saint Harridan clothes, designed for MtF and female shaped bodies.

It’s a brilliant idea!

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Photos: Interstate peeps

This gallery is of interstate peeps who have given permission for their images to be used on the website.

Thanks to all contributors!

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Audio: Born this way – gender identity

Born this way: gender identity – All In The Mind – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

A podcast from ABC Radio National (that you can download too!) about the issues surrounding and leading up to a physical change of gender. It’s really nice to see FTM peeps included too!

The interview features Julie Peters, Craig Andrews and Fintan Harte, of the Victoria based Southern Health Gender Clinic.

Note: while the peeps in the audio are transgendered, their journeys do relate to those of gender-questioning and genderqueer peeps.


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The Story of Everything: Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan on Wikipedia | Buy books by Carl Sagan on Book Depository

We’re posting this video to act as a little reminder  of how similar we all are despite our socialisation, our clothing choice, our body-shapes and our beliefs. It is a reminder that we all came from the same place, by the same path.

We hope you enjoy this video.

The dialogue is that of the scientist Carl Sagan who would have been 78 on Saturday the 10th November. He is the author of many great works including Cosmos – a personal journey, Broca’s brain, the science fiction book Contact and his final work, Billions and Billions; he is a scientist of great note who worked on the Voyager probes (which are only now leaving the solar system for truly interstellar space) among other great projects.

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Cottees gendered cordial

Image on Tumblr | Article in The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper

Cottees cordial (for those overseas, it’s flavoured syrup) has started a new gendered line of cordial for a competition they’re running:

Boys vs Girls, the oldest showdown ever!

(website to be announced) 0_o

While we understand this is free advertising for them, we at Genderqueer Australia actually think they’re doing us all a favour; here’s why:

  • The bottles are identical
  • The contents are identical
  • The labels are almost identical.

So it’s really showing how there’s very little difference between the genders and regardless of what you see on the outside, it’s what’s inside that matters: yummy sugary syrupy goodness!

Just like people!

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Dirty tricks in the U.S. election

Tea Party group trying to deny transgender voters | San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Dirty tricks in San Diego, California, with voting for Transgendered people being affected by the right-wing Tea Party.

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Article: My husband’s sex change

My husband’s sex change | Society | The Guardian

This is a great article that outlines the Transgender experience from the point of view of partners.



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Polare magazines

Polare Magazine

We picked-up 4 copies of the NSW Gender Centre’s “Polare” magazine here in Melbourne today and they’ll be added to the GQA library very soon!


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Google Instant Search Officially No Longer Discriminates Against Bisexuality

Google Instant Search Officially No Longer Discriminates Against Bisexuality

Well, that’s good! Google search has removed “bixexual” from it’s blacklist. Honestly people, it’s the 21st century; it shouldn’t have been on any list other than “let people search for whatever they please”!

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Dubious Testosterone Treatments Are More Popular Than Ever

Dubious Testosterone Treatments Are More Popular Than Ever

Testosterone is being used in several countries apparently to reverse the ageing process, despite evidence to suggest it does no such thing.

We’re wondering if these gentlemen have to go through a psychological screening in order to get the medication?

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