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We keep a list of Frequently Asked Questions to keep everyone up to speed on what we’re doing, why and how.

This will be an occasionally changing list with the most recent question at the top.

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If you’ve got a question that needs answering, ask below and we’ll do our best to direct you to the answer and record your query here!


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Article: genderqueer meanings

Transgender, Genderqueer, Cisgender… What Do These Terms Mean? | Kinsey Confidential.

This article from the Kinsey Institute website goes into some detail on what gender identity actually is, and the terms transgender, genderqueer and cisgender.

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Basics: How many are gender-questioning or genderqueer?

Writing Themselves In | Fintan Harte radio interview


It’s a difficult number to quantify because gender diverse people aren’t easily identified as they often just blend into the population and get on with their lives.

In “Writing Themselves In” (Hillier et al. 1998) it was estimated that 3% of those surveyed (a total of 3134 SGD young people) identified as gender questioning (which worked out at 94 young people approximately). In this context, Gender Questioning included those who were unsure of which gender they belonged to (gender-questioning), those who identified as neither male nor female (genderqueer) and those who believed themselves to be the opposite sex to that assigned at birth (transgender).

In his recent radio interview with Dean Beck of Joy FM, Fintan Harte (director of the Victorian Gender Dysphoria Clinic) stated that gender diverse people were as much as one in 10,000.

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FAQ: What’s the website actually for?

Surfing – by Rose Moore

Well, the website is here for a number of reasons.

First, it’s to inform people about what gender actually is, and to provide information on the difficulties facing gender-question and genderqueer peeps. But together with that, it’s also here to provide information for the family and friends of these peeps, and the professionals who help them.

Second, there’s a lot of information out there on the internet, and we are collecting relevant articles and websites together for the benefit of the above-mentioned people.

Third, there’s a lot of support groups in Australia who can be of service to all these peeps.

And finally, there’s all sorts of resources, research and booklets out in the world (both in Australia and elsewhere) that are of relevance to these peeps. The trouble facing many is that there isn’t a centralised place to find such information and we’re working towards rectifying that with the site.

However, one thing we’re not trying to do is replace the need for other sites and organisations.

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FAQ: Why aren’t you inclusive of all gender variations?

Gender Pirate – by Rose Moore

We’ve deliberately excluded specific terms around the term “genderqueer” simply because it covers so much ground. So things like gender-fucked, gender-pirate, etc aren’t mentioned anywhere on the site.

Everyone at Genderqueer Australia subscribes to the idea that your identity is your concern, therefore the only person in a position to define you is, in fact, you.

By explicitly naming every definition that people who are genderqueer use to define themselves, we would, unfortunately, exclude those who are outside these and identify differently. Simply putting “and other gender identities” isn’t particularly good solution to this problem in our opinion.

The key to a good definition is to make it clear yet not absolute. Explicitly naming every definition a genderqueer person could and currently uses to define themselves is being logically exclusive.

So in short, we ARE inclusive. We’re just leaving it up to you to come up with your own definition of who you are!

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FAQ: Why no Transgender resources?

We’ve made a deliberate effort to focus on Gender Questioning, Genderqueer resources and those for Parents and Friends and professionals.

The reasoning is that, to date, there are no organisations in Australia focussing on these areas. There are lots of Trans resources out there however, and the ones in Australia that we like the best are:

FTM Australia

Zoe Belle Gender Centre

Sydney Gender Centre

Ygender Melbourne

There’s still stuff here that’ll help though!

There’s a lot here on the GQA site that can help Transgender people work out what you really want out of life. Transgender is a point in your life, but you will logically pass through at least a “gender questioning” stage. And the parents, friends and professionals who treat Trans people also need resources, and they’ll find them here.

We pride ourselves of being inclusive and respectful of all human beings. If you identify as transgender, you’re welcome to attend our events, chat with us and even get involved. We’ve got several trans-people as volunteers and we always welcome others!


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