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Why donate to Genderqueer Australia?

Well, it’s simple: nothing pays for itself.

We’ve got a few things we’re already doing or are planning for the genderqueer community, including:

  • keeping this site running (domain registration, ongoing hosting)
  • buying books for the Genderqueer library
  • Creation and distribution of information booklets for individuals, student unions and professional services (such as social support organisations and doctors surgeries)
  • Planning new services for the community

How do I know you won’t just spend it on yourselves?

Good question, and one that plagues many organisations.

We’ve got a policy of openness here at GQA, which means in this case, when an event has been held, if money has been donated, it’ll be listed below and broken-down telling you EXACTLY where your donation has gone.

No tricks, no vagueness, nice, easy and clean.

Sounds great, how do I help?

Click on the button below and choose to make a one-off donation or a regular one! Easy peasy!

We would like to thank Gay and Lesbian Switcboard Victoria who  look after our finances as auspice for GQA.

Government grants



July-December 2012

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2012 Community Grants programme

Late in 2012, Genderqueer Australia obtained grant funding from the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs. The volunteer grants programme runs once a year and community organisations can apply for funding for physical items which are of use to their efforts.

Thanks go to

  • GQA participant Toni for suggesting the grant, and advice on how to fill it out
  • Gay Lesbian Switchboard for handling the financials, including holding the money and making payments on items on our behalf



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GQA accounts: July-Sep 2012

We’re doing bi-monthly accounts here at GQA, and here’s the first spreadsheet.


In summary, we spent 77.90 on postage of resources to organisations, some books for the library and the phone system. Click the link to view the itemised spreadsheet.


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Project: Flyers

Printing new Gender-Questioning and Genderqueer flyers.

Breakdown of costs

Purchase of 1 ream of xerox 80gsm paper: $3.97

Donations received

Use of printer at {also} foundation


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Project: Website design

Breakdown of costs

Surfing – by Rose Moore

No costs incurred.

Donations received

All donations were in the form of time and effort; thanks everyone!

Website design

Website theme: Brand New Day theme by Caroline Moore

Website Design, logo design, content review and writing: Lisa Sinclair

Website CSS modifications for mobile devices: Emily Turner

Additional help: Daniel Parnell

Beta test crew

Gem deMarco, Forth Sadler, Cai Wilkinson


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Project: website launch

What we made on the day






Special thanks

  • Gem
  • Cai
  • Forth
  • Rose
  • Lindon
  • Emily
  • Elliot
  • Mason
  • The peeps at £1000 bend



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