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Audio: 3JJJ radio interview with Laura Jane Grace

3JJJ Hack podcast featuring Laura Jane Grace from Against Me

Radio station 3JJJ show Hack! has done a great interview with Laura Jane Grace of the band Against Me!

Download or listen to the podcast at the link above.

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Audio: BBC Woman’s Daily Podcast

An interview (second in the podcast) with non-binary person on the BBC Women’s Daily Podcast

Released19 March 2015 – Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series of books have sold over 26 million copies worldwide. They’ve just been adapted for TV. As part of this year’s BBC School Report Marley tells her story of gender identity. Plus what impact is the current debate about immigration having on BAME women and a celebration of the blues singer Rosetta Tharpe.

Woman’s Hour brings you the big celebrity names and leading women in the news, with subjects ranging widely from politics to health, law, education, arts, parenting, relationships, work, fiction, food and fashion. Presented by Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey. Find out more at www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/womanshour

Download or listen to the podcast at the link above.

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Audio: Born this way – gender identity

Born this way: gender identity – All In The Mind – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

A podcast from ABC Radio National (that you can download too!) about the issues surrounding and leading up to a physical change of gender. It’s really nice to see FTM peeps included too!

The interview features Julie Peters, Craig Andrews and Fintan Harte, of the Victoria based Southern Health Gender Clinic.

Note: while the peeps in the audio are transgendered, their journeys do relate to those of gender-questioning and genderqueer peeps.


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Audio: GQA interview on JoyFM Generation Next

JOY 94.9’s Generation Next > Interviews from Monday 13th August, 2012.

The podcast of our interview with Generation Next is now available on their website.

There’s lots to hear, but if you want to skip to the GQA interview, move to around 30 minutes in!

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Audio: Interview with Fintan Harte

JOY 94.9 Word For Word | Download Podcast interview with Fintan Harte, director SHGC


Dean Beck interviews Southern Health Care Network Gender Clinic director Fintan Harte about his involvement with helping the gender diverse population of Victoria.

He goes into detail about how much diversity there is in gender and that the team he leads does support those who are questioning their gender and who identify as genderqueer.


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Basics: What is Self-harm? – YouTube

What is Self-harm? – YouTube.

Self harm is a unspoken issue in the LGBTIQ community, this video is meant to help break down the stigma and explain the reasons why people do it. Dr. George Forgan-Smith speaks about self-harm, what it is, why people do it, and how to work through it.

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Bent TV: Trans-mission (Gem)

For more information about Bent TV Incorporated, please visit: http://www.benttv.org.au/


For this last episode of Trans-mission, Nate Reid is joined by Gem, who among other things works with Genderqueer Australia. Very interesting to hear Gem talk about the definitions of Gender queer and the issue of ‘not being trans enough’ for either the community or to get the right medical treatment. Another fascinating personal and yet political story.


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Cartoon: Rooster Tails – Is My Binary Showing Part 3

Rooster Tails – Is My Binary Showing Part 3.

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FC Yeah!, Build your own transition path! …

FC Yeah!, Build your own transition path! ….

Awesome image on the Freedom Centre website!

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Fred McConnell: There’s no such thing as a sex change

Here’s a great explanatory video from The Guardian and Fred McConnell on why there’s no such thing as a sex change

Fred McConnell: There’s no such thing as a sex change

It covers why “sex change” is incorrect, how to talk to people who are transgender and the ways in which conversation about this subject can help educate and help Trans and non-trans people.


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Photos: Gender

Photos taken around Melbourne, Australia by various GQA peeps.

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Photos: genderqueer on tumblr

genderqueer on tumblr


Genderqueer on Tumblr is an ever changing photo gallery of peeps who identify as genderqueer, trans and gender diverse.

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Photos: GQA events

Some photos from Genderqueer Australia events of the peeps that attend!



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Photos: IDAHO 2012

See all photos on samesame.com | Photographer Travis de Jonk’s portfolio

In 2012, the IDAHO (International Day Against HOmophbia and transphobia) flashmob was photographed by Travis De Jonk and posted on the website SameSame.com

The theme this year was balloons, and the organiser picked green ones to signify genderqueer people who are discriminated against.

The participants joined hands at Flinders street station, and walked through the city to their destination, the Melbourne Library, where they released the balloons.

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Photos: Interstate peeps

This gallery is of interstate peeps who have given permission for their images to be used on the website.

Thanks to all contributors!

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Photos: Roseagrams

Rosemary moore website | Email

Fab local artist Rose has created some lovely stick figure drawings for GQA and the slowly expanding set is displayed below for your visual edification!

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Photos: Switcheroo

sincerely hana.


Clothes swapping photo portfolio from Hanah, who lives in Vancouver, Canada. Click the link for more!

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Photos: Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton androgynous photo shoot images

This collection of photographs was taken by photographer Tim Walker for “W Magazine”. Featured is actor Tilda Swinton.

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Photos: Transmen, Genderqueers & Studs: Hot Human Gallery!

Autostraddle — Transmen, Genderqueers & Studs: Hot Human Gallery!


A collection from various sources of peeps who identify as Transmen and Genderqueer!

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