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Genderqueer: A personal identity which is both male and female, neither male nor female or someone in-between.

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Buy: “My Gender Is” badgeSo like the man says, where’s your badges? GQA has a new batch of our “my gender is” badges, available from monthly meetings for the low price of $1.50! Order Badge-Gqa-my-gender-is Gqa my gender is badge @ $1.50 Qty:
The “other” alternativeIn today’s Guardian, it’s reported that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has caught up with the rest of us, and separated gender from sex in the new Census. The 2016 standard for sex and gender variables, released on 2 February, allows respondents to identify their biological sex and their gender identity as either male, female […]
2016 Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women’s Health ConferenceJeremy Wiggins of the Victorian AIDS council has made us aware of the 2016 Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women’s conference. Details are below: This conference will explore best practice and available research in working with LBQ women around mental health, sexual health, alcohol and other drug use, and broader women’s health issues. There will be […]
School’s out loud with Joy 94.9Alice Berkley from Melbourne’s Joy 94.9FM writes: Schools OUT Loud is having a Training Day on Saturday 13 February, 10AM-5PM. Any individual young people who are interested and 15-25 years, LGBTIQ+ or an ally are welcome to book a place. If you have one or two young people who you think might be interested in […]
Australian of the year vs TwitterSomething many people learn to their cost is that when you’re on social media, you have to be careful about what you’re saying lest it come back and bite you later on. It’s a common enough problem though; sometimes in the passion of the moment, you type something you’d get away with if you were […]
Transgender Children in VictoriaWriter Adam Zwi writes in The Guardian about the situation with underage children obtaining hormone therapy and other interventions. Forcing young people with gender dysphoria to apply to the family court is extremely stressful and expensive for them and their families. Indeed, there is evidence that some families have forgone the court application (and therefore […]
Invitation to the “Equality Brunch”We’ve received an invitation to the “Equality Brunch” with the Victorian minister for equality, Martin Foley. Tickets are $40 ($30 concession) which pays for catering. The full message is below: To everyone at Genderqueer I wanted to let you know about an exciting upcoming event happening just prior to the Pride March in St Kilda. It […]
Transnational Queer UndergroundStarting in January 2016, Transnational Queer Underground (TQU) will embark on a big project. And for that they need your input! Your fashion, recipes, zines, articles, photos, movies, dances, documentaries, texts, crafts, installations, videos, interviews, music, drawings, poems, reviews, short films, pictures, games, comics, tattoos,… Share your story!
The Genders, Bodies, & Relationships PassportNow available: The Genders, Bodies, & Relationships Passport In consultation with their Members, the National LGBTI Health Alliance has developed an innovative new tool for individuals and organisations to help ensure safe and inclusive care for intersex, trans, and gender diverse people. For individuals the Passport is a way to communicate with services about your […]
Just a human beingIt’s a sign of how much journalism has changed over the last few years that people in the public aren’t automatically shamed or labelled by the media (although there’s always the comment trolls to take up the slack). A case in point is the Steph Kretowicz‘s interview with American musician Shamir Bailey in online magazine Dummy. The […]
Suggestions requested for Dept of Government & IR staff retreatDr Chris Neff, lecturer in public policy at the University of Sydney has requested suggestions from Genderqueer Australia, IndigenousX and Sydney Feminists for a staff retreat they’re holding You can make suggestions on twitter @christopherneff Note: replying to this on Facebook won’t get the information through!  
Inflatable penisMohammed Abad fell under a car as a child and dragged 600 feet. He’s had 119 operations to salvage his penis, but until an 8 inch inflatable implant was added, he wasn’t able to have an erection. David Pescovitz from BoingBoing comments: The implant was the culmination of years of reconstructive surgery. These kinds of implants are […]
Documentary – Identity: In & beyond the binaryPhotographer Dave Naz created a documentary while creating the genderqueer beyond the binary photographic book (Rare bird books). This 60 min documentary features trans, genderqueer, butch and queer people interviewed on their varied experiences with gender identity. Addressing topics from hormones to employment to growing up, “Identity” is a series of enlightening and heartfelt interviews. […]
genderqueer photographyPhotographer Dave Naz was interviewed for the British Journal of Photography about his new book “Genderqueer and other Gender Identities” (Rare Bird publishers). Having the trust of everyone involved in a project like this is a lot of pressure and I didn’t want to let anyone down. I wanted to make sure the work was presented […]
A new genderqueer role model?One of the many brilliant things about Doctor Who is the fact Time Lords don’t care one way or another about sex and gender, they just pick a body that suits them. This post on the BoingBoing Instagram feed further muddies the water, gender wise, and gives genderqueers a new role model! A photo posted […]
RIP David Bowie – 8/1/1947 to 10/1/2016David Bowie died today, the 10th January 2016. He was 69 years old. It was cancer, and he’d been battling it for 18 months. But that didn’t stop him releasing a new album just three days before his death. It’s hard to actually define the man’s work; he was first an amazingly diverse musician, an […]
Airport encounterIn The Age there’s a report of a Transgender individual being forced to present their packer for inspection by security. Nicole Hasham writes: A transgender airline passenger was forced to remove a genital prosthetic and present it for inspection in a “demeaning” encounter that adds to calls for an overhaul of unnecessary security at Australian airports. […]
Genderqueer sexual orientationThere’s a problem of sexual terminology which slaps Genderqueer people in the face on a regular basis. In short, are current terms around sexuality valid for genderqueer people? Homosexual describes two people of the same sex being in a sexual relationship. But if you’re genderqueer, you’re not the same sex as anyone else; you’re neither […]

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